Fundraising Aims 


Maintenance of old equipment and purchasing new equipment 

Athlete Fund

A fund to help our high performance athletes pay to go to competitions


Specific, targeted coaches to improve athlete performance 


If you are a company looking to sponsor GUBC, please see our sponsorship leaflet video or contact our Sponsorship and Fundraising Secretary, Chris: 


Sponsor Us


GUBC is committed to local fundraising efforts for the better of the club and we welcome any donations, big or small! It all helps us get out on the water, doing what we love most. If you would like to make a contribution, please visit our support page on the University of Glasgow’s website. 


GUBC alumni are an integral part of the GUBC community, guiding our new athletes and new committees. GUBC alumni have always supported the club wherever they can to help us reach our goals and continue the high standards of the club. We encourage alumni donations of any kind, be that time or money so please get in touch with us if you would like to contribute to your former club.

We have begun the development of a new fundraising culture in the club and with that a new connection to our club alumni. If you are GUBC alumni, we would encourage your support by signing up for our Alumni5 club which offers continued connection to the club. We would be happy to host alumni at dinners and facilitate occasional water sessions for Alumni5 members.

If you would like to be a part of our Alumni5 club, please sign up to a standing order donation of £5-10 a month below. 

Friends of GUBC

‘Friends of GUBC’ Rowers

If you are a parent, family member or friend of a GUBC rower, you can help to support the club too- we recommend Friends of GUBC sign up to give £1-£2 a month to support our club maintaining its standard and fulfil our responsibilities to club members. We believe that as a university club, we are inclusive and supportive of our members and as a committee we strive to look after our members and students with the help of our families/ buddying system in which new rowers are given siblings (also new rowers) and a mum and dad (more experienced rowers) to support them.